This year we also got kendo coaching from paramedic's teacher, Tanaka sensei. happy02

Kendo is a martial art that put importance on manner of gratitude before and after the exercise.

First, with bare footfoot we do 'seiza' snail(Japanese sitting style), and say 'reisign01' (gratitude).

To calm the heart, we do 'mokusou' (meditation).thinkthinkthink

We practiced the basic footwork and how to swing the 'sinai' (bamboo sword).

After the basic, we started to implement it.

'Mensign01' (face), 'Dosign01u' (abdoment), 'Kotesign01' (right under the throat).

We started the practice by hitting Tanaka sensei whom already equipped with armour. (Isn't it painful~) sign02coldsweats02

Not just bamboo sword, but we also tried to wield the metal fake sword. ... Its heavybearingsign01.

This year once again we could experienced Kendo. Thank you so much Nakaka sensei!happy01heart04

Learn Japanese Culture ~ Tea Ceremony

2014年11月13日 10:20 AM

Until now we had learned many Japanese cultures such as calligraphy, and Japanese poem (Haiku&Tanka).
This time we are going to learn 'Tea Ceremony'japanesetea which we called it 'Sadou' in Japan. Some people said that originally tea was introduces from China as a medicine.
It is an essential culture of every day life that was delivered through the temple's people, then to the military society and finally to the common people.
Tea ceremony has its own 'way of making' accompanied with many rules, but this time we tried to learn Matsuoka sensei's style, who is also our Japanese language teacher as well.

Beautiful Japanese confectionery just by looking at it.
We take the confectionery right after we say 'osakini'confident (pardon me for starting first before you) to the people who sit next beside us.

Then we start to make the tea.
Will the foam appears beautifully sign02happy02

We drink the tea after rotating the cup.

Finally, we finish it by producing sound 'slurpp!!' while drinking it until none is left.

The point is to show beautifully the movement of each step, but in order to perform it well, years of practice are absolutely required. coldsweats01

Continuing our previous foreign language class, this year the second time of international cultural exchange was 'foreign cuisine class'!

We invited local people nearby, and the foreigner student acted as teacher to teach how to make the food from their respective country.

First, the students performed a demonstration, and then they showed the cooking method.
Next, everyone tried to duplicate it, and finally its testing time!

Well, how is it going to be!? sign02

1. Oachen (Taiwanese cuisine)
Taiwan's representative snack food, which is an omelette and oyster filling.

2. Karabasitatsu (Mexican cuisine)
A stew that contain veggies such as tomato, sukini, etc.

3. Mapo Tofu (Chinese cuisine)
This dish is well known among the Japanese, but what about the real authentic taste!

4. Kolak (Indonesian cuisine)
A sweet dish that contain coconut milk, banana, pumpkin, etc, that is good for our stomach.

All of the dishes were delicious and the guest really liked it as well. good
The guest also enjoyed this cultural exchanges with the students and they hoped to do it againsign03happy02

2014年11月4日 10:10 AM

There is a lake called 'Shikotsu' in Chitose city which is located close to our school.

It is a beautiful lake which is famous for its degree of clearness in Hokkaido.

This year we went a bit too late, and so the season of autumn leaf had ended. However we ate in a hotel buffet restaurantrestaurant beside the lake which used delicious ingredients from Hokkaido. We also went to 'Bihada no Yu' spa hot spring and also strolled along the lake as well. foot

Well now, lets depart!! rvcardash

Above the mountain we could see the remaining of snow from last week.

Today we had quite a luxurious buffet lunch.restauranthappy02

Strolling along Shikotsu lake~maple

We expressed our excitement with this! Yay!happy02happy02happy02

2nd cultural exchange with the children!!


The place was the same like previously, which is in (フーレ Megumino) child rearing institution in front of our school.


Last time we played game from Korea, but this time we played (Paper, rock, scissors) and (fruit basket) game.


We used English and Chinese because the foreigner students also joined the game.


First (Paper, rock, scissors)paperrockscissors in Chinese is:

(jian dao, shi tou, bu!)

We challenged the game after remembering name of the fruitsbanana and animals in foreign language.

The adult seemed more passionate than the children.


At the end we took commemorative

The foreign students surprised to notice how fast and accurate the pronunciation spelled by the children.happy02



Japanese Language Department prepared Japanese Elementary student’s newspaper for the foreign students.


As the newspaper is designed for elementary students, there are furigana attached above the kanji.


It can be easily readable even by foreigner student.


Today we took an article we liked from the newspaper, summarized it, and did a reading activity by passing it around to teachers and students as well.


Some of the articles that were chosen by the students:

(Will it burst if we bake Japanese chestnut?)

(Experiencing ‘Pilot’ in Airport)airplane

(Shinkansen will start to operate in Hokkaido)bullettrain

And many other else with different genre as well.


This time it seemed easy for the students, so next time we will use adult newspaper!.


Hokkaido’s Autumn-leaf 2014

2014年10月23日 10:10 AM

This morning, all parts of Japan’s temperature started to drop down. In Hokkaido, there were even several places that reach below 0 degree celcius.sad


Eniwa which is our school located at was -4 degree celcius.


It’s a season that required us to use heater.
Time to view autum-leaf nearby our school was over.


All parts of the street side were covered by the falling leaves.maple


-          1 week ago

-          Todays’s condition

The time for autumn-leaf is over. We could see the ‘yukimushi’ snow(flying insects that appears at winter) flying around. Soon its going to be winter


(In Hokkaido they said that if we see this insect flying around, then snow is going to fall soon).


Bowling Competition!!

2014年10月11日 10:06 AM

If we talked about autumn sport, then it’s bowling that we had held a competition for it.happy01

We even did cosplay as well!coldsweats01

It seemed that some of the students had played bowling before in their home country, but for most of the students, this was their first time.


There are many words that used katakana in bowling.


(ストライク Strike) (スペア Spare) (ガター Gutter) (レーン Lane) (ピン Pin) (スコア Score).
The students who are passionately learning japanese asked whether what are these words in japanese.good
And the result of the competition issign02


It’s a shame that we didn’t won the competition, but we received 1 million yenyen from our kind japanese friend!sign02

Well, lets go and eat delicious food with this 1 million yensign03sign03.bleah

Let’s try to make Soba by ourself!

2014年9月26日 6:06 PM

It's a course of making soba that we did it every year.
The lecture was of course headmaster Satou sensei from our sister school Hokkaido Eco & Animal professional college. Like usual he is cool! lovely

The soba flours were from Hokkaido Harokanai. We got it fresh right after the grinding process.

Everyone were wearing apron.
There were many japanese beauty among the Japanese Department's teachers. smile

Well, lets start making soba.
We looked closely from the example showed by headmaster. eye

And next is our turn!! Carefully... Carefully...

Its donesign03

How was the taste of soba made by ourselfsign02
Its good !!! goodgoodgood

Headmaster, thank you very much!shine

What can you do when, you discovered a collapsed person, or maybe your own family or friends who lost their consciousness?

First of course we will call the ambulance, but do you know what you can do while waiting for the ambulance to come?
We knew about CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) or artificial respiration, but now we had a medical tool named AED (Automated External Defibrillator) to save the life of those who collapsed and on critical condition.

However we couldn’t save them without knowing the usage of the tools, so today we learned it from the paramedic department’s student, which is from our school as well.


First they showed us the example.

They also made an easily understandable print out as well (we’re so happy to see the written hiragana on the print out).

Now let’s practice it as if it was in the real condition.

Confirm the person’s consciousness. “Can you hear me?”

It seemed there is a method apart of using strength to give pressure to the breast bone.

Use the AED

Electric current are being transmitted. “Please move backsign03

Indonesian and Chinese students said that they couldn’t call the ambulance or firefighter with ease, because they charge money for it. In Japan it is free and you can call 119 when on emergency. (Of course calling just to fool around is not allowedsmile).
Thanks to Paramedic’s students for today!happy01